The first examination and the first treatment

The anamnesis is the first appointment with the patient The patient’s case history is discussed on the basis of a form completed by the patient so that the chiropractor is able to get the best possible picture of the problem. Questions will be asked about previous medical problems, accidents or (family) illnesses and the patient’s general health.

After the anamnesis, a physical examination will be made; the patient is examined and tested by the chiropractor. The focus is on the motor system and the spinal column.

If necessary we can ask for existing x-ray photos, MRI scans or CT scans.

After the results of the anamnesis and the examination, a diagnosis will be made. The problem will be explained clearly to the patient. Together with the patient, a plan of action is then discussed. This may involve an immediate course of treatment or referral to another specialist if the problem cannot be solved by the chiropractor.

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