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Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is a collective name for muscle and joint problems affecting the hand, wrist, arms, shoulders and/or neck. These problems are caused by repetitive movement. These movements mean that the muscle is subject to tension and this in turn causes problems in the muscles and joints. The biggest danger in RSI is in the problems it can cause in the long run.

In general, RSI develops in a number of phases:

Initial problems are pain and tiredness in the fingers, hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and/or neck. These problems begin to manifest themselves during or after work, usually at the end of the working day.

Later, the pain becomes a hindrance and this leads to a loss of strength.

In more serious cases, the pain is constant. It may be difficult to sleep properly. The pain is not only evident during repetitive actions which were initially responsible for the problems, but also during other physical work.

Treating RSI

The chiropractor will investigate the CAUSE of the problem; as such, it might not be the case that the place where you feel the pain is the only source of the problem. We will examine whether the joints (the wrist and elbow) or adjoining regions (shoulder and cervical vertebrae) are obstructed. Depending on our findings, we will treat you accordingly. The obstructions will be removed and this will enable your nervous system to function normally again. In addition to the treatment, the chiropractor can also offer you advice on working posture, and adaptations that might be needed, etc.

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