Headaches and migraine

A headache is a natural warning that something is not quite right with your body. So when your head starts to ache, you know that something is wrong. Anyone can suffer from headache or maigraine, even children.

In our society we are conditioned to head for the medicine bottle as soon as we begin to feel pain. Whatever the pain we feel however, this is a natural way of warning us that something is wrong. The cause of the headache can therefore not be relieved by taking painkillers. Painkillers do not heal. All they do is suppress the pain and conceal the problem. You might not be in pain, but the cause itself has not been removed.


Scientific research has shown that the most common cause of headaches can be found in the neck vertebrae and nerves; these neck vertebrae can become rigid as a result of physical or emotional strain such as after a car accident (whiplash), a fall, poor posture or stress. The nerves in the neck become irritated and the muscles contract. As a result the veins that supply the brain with blood can become constricted, thus restricting the oxygen supply. The result is a headache.

How can we help?

Through chiropractic manipulation of the neck, it is possible to alleviate the pain and advise you on how best to prevent headaches or migraine in the future. During the first examination, the aim is find out whether the cause is an obstruction in the spinal column which interferes adversely with the functioning of the nerves and muscles as well as the blood circulation. The chiropractic treatment is aimed at rectifying incorrect movement of the back and neck vertebrae and reinstating proper nerve function and blood circulation.

Research has shown that between 50% and 85 % of migraine sufferers can be helped by Chiropractic. For sufferers of headaches these percentages are even higher

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