Pain in the lower back

More than half of those individuals reporting to a chiropractor with backache do so after the traditional treatment methods of doctors and specialists have failed. Backache can manifest itself in many different ways. Sometimes the pain can be localized fairly easily, but often it’s a general pain or serious shooting pains. These symptoms can occur suddenly after a certain movement, but hours, weeks, even months later. The first step towards a cure however, is not to ignore the pain. After all, pain is an indication that something is not right with the human body.


In the first instance, lower back pain might be the result of an injury (e.g. a traffic accident, a fall, or heavy lifting). Systematic harmful influences on the back over a longer period however, can lead to a chronic disorder of the spine(e.g.long car journeys or adopting the wrong posture, sitting or standing for long periods of time). Other causes may be a lack of exercise, obesity, strain (physical and mental), pregnancy, weakening of muscles and genetic deformities.

“Backache” is a collective term for a diverse range of disorders such as a pulled muscle, cold in the back, lumbago, arthrosis (wear and tear), slipped disc and sciatica. The underlying cause of all these types of backache is a dysfunctioning of the spinal column. If one or more of the vertebrae makes a wrong movement or is obstructed a great deal of tension is put on that part of the back, increasing the chance of irritation in the adjoining nerves and muscles. The result is overstrain on the inter-vertebral discs (slipped disc), the muscles (lumbago or cold in the back), the vertebrae (arthrosis/ wear and tear) or an irritation of the nerves (sciatica). In reality the cause of each of these disorders is overstrain and irritation of several sections of the back. Lumbago, for example, is a combination of strain on the vertebrae (spine), a nerve irritation and muscle cramp.

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Leading economists have reached the conclusion that chiropractic is more beneficial for persons with lower back problems than conventional practices when it comes to scientific proof, safety, efficiency, cost and the satisfaction of the patient.

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