Arthrosis or degeneration of the spine

Your vertebrae begin to become deformed: the vertebral discs begin to wear; you start to wince; your ligaments, tendons and muscles become hard and weakened; you spinal column is out of balance and loses it flexibility, stability and strength. So, what’s the problem? Your spinal column is degenerating.

If you suffer from arthritis or degeneration of a joint, it may feel stiff and or painful  the joints may seem to grind, or you may experience a nagging pain. You lose a swing in your gait, your feeling of youthfulness and you may even become smaller.

How can we help?

You need not passively await the degeneration of your spinal column. Chiropractic can help relieve the problem and pain which is caused by the process of degeneration, by improving the balance of the spine and posture and enabling your joints, nerves and vertebrae to become healthy and strong again for as long as possible. How often have you been told that, “You have arthrosis or wear and tear. There’s nothing we can do for you”, or, “You’ll just have to learn to live with it.” You no longer have to believe it – Chiropractic will prove otherwise.

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