Scoliosis is a lateral deviation of the spinal column. It is a deformity which has its origin in childhood, because a growing spinal column is highly susceptible. The age group in which scoliosis is first detected is eight to twelve. The earlier that scoliosis is detected, the better the chance of a cure.


Countless ligaments and muscles are connected to the spinal column. These ligaments and muscles run (in equal number) along both sides of the spinal column. Normally, movement is the same on both sides, which means that the spinal column remains, as it should, in the middle. However, if some of the muscles on one side of the spinal column have more stretch than those on the other, a deviation (curve) will develop. Each and every nerve in our body is stimulated by the nerves, which transmit the motory nerve impulses to the muscle tissue from the brain. The muscle contracts to excess if something extreme happens as a result of which the motory nerve impulses are overstimulated. If this happens to a muscle which runs down the spinal column, the muscle contracts causing a deviation in the spinal column. The cause of nerve overstimulation might be an obstruction in the spinal column.

How can we help?

Our treatment is based on releasing pressure from the spinal column or removing irritations of the nerves caused by obstructions in the spinal column. Research, which suggests that scoliosis is probably caused by neurological interference, back up this chiropractic approach. The central nervous system must be free from stress for the body to function optimally. We are able to correct most forms of scoliosis, assuming that the scoliosis is not too advanced, the patient is not too old and the deviation is not too extreme

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