Chiropractie Rugkliniek Heerlen: Rates as from November 1st 2015

(Prices as of July 1st, 2022)
Introductory appointment: No charge
1st consultation and treatment  € 84,00
(also after introductory appointment)
Follow-up treatment: € 60,00

1st consultation and treatment for children under 18 years-of-age € 62,00
Follow-up treatment for children under 18 years-of-age € 46,00

Students under 27 years-of-age can receive a discount on presentation of a valid student card:
1st consultation and treatment for students € 62,00
Follow-up treatment for students € 48,00

If your last treatment was more than two years ago you will be asked to fill out our questionnaire again. Please plan additional time for your revisit. There will be no additional costs.

Various aids and nutritional supplements on request.

After each appointment, you will be asked to settle the costs with the receptionist. Cash or direct debit payments using a bankcard are possible; you must send the bill to your medical insurance company. Because insurance cover differs per insurance company, we would advise you to get in touch with your own insurance company for more information

Insurance companies are not responsible for your health, you are! Thus, if your inurance companie coverage is deficient you need to make a choice: your coverage or your health.

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