Carpal tunnel syndrome

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

The carpus is the medical term for the wrist. The carpal (wrist) bones form a channel (known as the carpal tunnel), through which a single nerve and nine tendons run. The nerve, known as the median nerve, stimulates the hand and the fingers. CTS can occur when this nerve becomes irritated.

How can we help?

Chiropractors are trained to detect problems in the muscle and bone systems, especially the joints, the spinal column and the limbs. We can help by examining whether the problem is caused locally (i.e. in the wrist) or may originate in the spinal column.

The median nerve can be traced back to the neck, so the chiropractor, in addition to checking for any deformation, swelling or dysfunction in the movement of the carpal bones in the wrist, will also examine the neck.

If a dysfunction in movement is discovered, we will alleviate the pressure on the median nerve through chiropractic manipulation of the carpal bones. If the problem originates in the neck or shoulder, the chiropractor will also apply treatment to the neck and shoulder. If your problem requires an alternative examination, we will refer you to another specialist.

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