Is Chiropractic for everyone?

Yes, chiropractic can help people of any age – children, adults and the elderly. Dysfunctions of the nervous system, the vertebrae and other joints often develop during childhood and adolescence, for example, as the result of a fall, strain and/or incorrect posture, (sport) injuries, etc.

Colic in babies (infantile colic) can be caused by an irritation of the neck vertebrae and the nervous system, resulting from the birth of the baby. If this irritation remains untreated, this will lead in later life to problems of clumsiness, motor disorders, headaches and more. Chiropractors can identify these abnormalities at an early age and treat accordingly, long before pain sets in and wear and tear occurs. For that reason we recommend you have your back looked at regularly, preferably starting in childhood.

Many people, in particular elderly people, are often told: “It’s just wear and tear and you”ll have to learn to live with it”. You won’t hear us telling you this. In fact, in most cases Chiropractic offers a solution.

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