Seizures and epilepsy

A seizure is a change in our state of consciousness. Seizures occur when the brain discharges an abnormal quantity of energy, like a short-circuiting. This short-circuit can affect different parts of the brain with the result that each seizure can take on a different form, duration and intensity.

If a person regular suffers from seizures, we call this epilepsy. Only 1 in 200 people who suffer a seizure develop epilepsy.

Damage to the spinal column as a result of a seizure.

Damage or injury to the spinal column is often linked to many neurological problems. A physical trauma is one of the causes of epilepsy and can occur at any age. There is a chance that a trauma can cause damage to the brain stem or the top part of the spinal column, which in turn can lead to a seizure.

The chiropractic approach

As a result of chiropractic treatment, seizures may become less intense, less frequent or stop altogether. The chiropractor ensures that the spinal column is free of stress and obstructions. A lack (or reduction) of stress will help the body, the brain and the nervous system to function better, and so minimize the chance of epilepsy

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