Preventing back problems at an early age

It’s a misconception to think that back problems are only prevalent amongst adults. Babies, toddlers and children of school age can often suffer back problems or dysfunctioning of the spinal column. Moreover, back and neck problems which occur at later ages can have their origin in the formative years.

A back deformity may have its origin at birth. Birth traumas to the neck and back can often be caused by a delivery assisted with forceps or a vacuum extractor, but even with normal births problems may arise.

Less noticeable, minor deformities of the cranium and spinal column can also be the cause of other problems such as colic, sleeplessness, etc.

Later in life, regular falls amongst small children can be another factor affecting the normal development of the spinal column and can be the cause of chronic back problems. Schoolchildren who carry satchels full of books over their backs and who often tend to slouch at desks also form a high-risk category. Usually, they lift heavy things without thinking about the consequences with the result that excessive strain on the back causes dysfunctional or obstructed vertebrae. Likewise, sporting activities which are repetitive in nature can adversely affect the spinal column. Children do not necessarily feel the problem at the time, but health problems may occur at a later stage.

Studies amongst schoolchildren show that more than 76% of them, to a greater or lesser extent, have deformities of the spinal column. For that reason, it”s important for children to become aware of the posture they adopt. Young people also have the advantage of being more easily capable of changing poor posture. In short, ensure that your child adopts the right posture!

How can we help?

More than anyone else, the chiropractor is able to identify and treat problems with the spinal column and knows exactly the care that your child needs. Chiropractic treatment focuses on correcting posture and improving the mobility of the vertebrae, thereby restoring proper functioning of the nervous system. More and more parents are visiting the chiropractor with their children for an annual check-up; compare it if you like, with your annual check-up at the dentist.

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