Pain between the shoulder blades

Pain between the shoulder blades is often a source of great concern. The pain can keep you awake at night and when it spreads to the chest region, it can also cause breathing difficulties and other discomfort.


Pain between the shoulders which steadily worsens without any immediate cause is often the result of poor posture over a long period of time (e.g. long car journeys, desk work). The result can be a long-term obstruction of the spinal column. Even a rib may get disjointed, making the pain even more intense. Pain between the shoulder blades or in the middle of the back can also go hand in hand with pain which spreads across the ribs to the chest or to the arms; the pain might sometimes be mistaken for heart problems.

How can we help?

A careful examination of the causes of the pain in the middle back is needed. Very often, the pain between the shoulders appears to be caused by the reduced functioning of the spinal column. This can lead to nerve irritation and in turn backache. If the examination reveals that the pain is the result of something wrong in the spinal column, the chiropractor will help to solve the problems by correcting your spinal column. This correction aims at restoring proper functioning and movement of the spine. This will eradicate irritation of the nervous system. The result will be alleviation of the pain and often an increase in movement

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