Neck, shoulder and arm problems

Most neck, shoulder and arm problems have the same common source: irritation of the nerve which leaves the neck and runs via the shoulder to the arm. Causes of this irritation can be poor posture, a sudden movement, whiplash, arthrosis (i.e. wear and tear), and sudden pain as a result of lying still for too long on a pillow which is either too small or too big, or lying in a position which keeps the neck in a sideways position for too long.

Damaged or irritated nerves in the neck can cause more than just neck ache. Pain in the face, shoulder, wrist, hand, fingers and reduced neck movement may result. Tingling in the fingers or a sleepy, lethargic or dull sensation in the arm can have its origin in the neck. Other problems that may arise as a result of a neckproblems are headaches, blurred vision, dizziness, ringing in the ears, a lack of concentration, learning and memory problems, nose, tongue and throat problems.

Prolapsed inter-vertebral disc or slipped disc

Prolapsed inter-vertebral discs in the neck (or slipped disc) rarely occur, but can be a source of intense pain. Sometimes an operation may be necessary, especially if the cause is a wound. In many cases, Chiropractic techniques can lead to an improvement in the inter-vertebrae and prevent the need for an operation.

How can we help?

Chiropractors are trained to work in community health-care and in the treatment of neck, shoulder and arm problems. In most cases, in the short-term, we are able to alleviate the pain without medication or surgery. Likewise we can also help make sure that further damage to the inter-vertebrae, the spinal column and the nerves is prevented.

We will also correct dysfunctioning of the spinal column, by removing the irritation of certain nerves. Any pain, tingling, numbness, stiffness and muscle cramp will disappear and the movement of the neck will improve.

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