Learning difficulties and hyperactivity

A child does not usually become hyperactive or hyperkinetic because its parents lack parental control and discipline. On the contrary, the hyperkinetic child is neurologically disadvantaged due to one or more physical causes.

As a result of an obstruction in the neck, which may have been caused during childbirth or after a later fall, the (proprioseptic) impulses to the brain can be disturbed; i.e. brain function is deficient. If neurological disorganization develops, the message which is sent via the nerves can be confusing and this is consequently incorrectly interpreted by the brain. This can lead to problems in concentration and learning difficulties. The hyperactivity which often accompanies it is an (unintended) tendency to improve the (proprioseptic) impulses. The more movement, the better the brain starts to function.

Indications for hyperactivity:

1. The hands and feet are always fidgeting during an activity
2 Aggression towards other children or it parents
3 Unpredictability
4 Impatience
5. Problems of concentration
6. Poor coordination
7. Poor sleeping habits

How can we help (your child)?

Chiropractors work with children who have all sorts of neurological and/or learning difficulties. As a result of treatment to the neck or back, chiropractic helps alleviate any obstructions and as a consequence, the proprioseptic nerve impulses reach the brain more easily. The child is then able to concentrate more easily and becomes less hyperactive. If possible, it is better to undergo chiropractic treatment than take mood-changing drugs.

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