Slipped Disc

The idea of developing a slipped disc can be a great cause of concern to people and it raises a number of questions. Is surgical intervention the only alternative? Might Chiropractic help? A slipped disc is a colloquial term for a prolapsed inter-vertebral disc. These discs, which are situated between the vertebrae in the spine, serve as cushions and make sure that the spinal column remains pliant. A slipped disc is said to occur when the inner material of the inter-vertebral disc displays an abnormal swelling or protrusion; this bulging puts pressure on the nerve roots and as a consequence the central nerve will become irritated. The result is pain.


A slipped disc can be caused by either a sudden displacement or through the process of degeneration (wear and tear). If no immediate treatment takes place, a sudden displacement will inevitably lead to a chronic disorder.

How can we help?

The vast majority of inter-vertebral displacements can be treated successfully by the chiropractor. It has been proven that treatment by adjustment has a positive effect on the extreme discomfort felt as a result of a slipped disc. Chiropractic correction reduces the tension on the inter-vertebral discs and in turn, the irritation on the central nerve. This will improve the balance of the spinal column and your posture and will keep your joints in motion, so that your inter-vertebral discs maintain their level of  health. This diminishes the pain and reduces the chance of surgical intervention.

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