The sinuses comprise eight cavities within the bones of the face, and temples. The sinuses help us to breathe properly. For some, howeverthese sinuses may cause breathing to be adversely affected because the cavities become infected and fill with a purulent material. Healthy sinuses are lined with mucous-membrane, which ensures that the air that we inhale in is moist, warm and free of dust, dirt and contamination. If the mucous-membrane becomes infected and swollen in the sinuses and cause them to fill up, it is called sinusitis. The sinuses are not able to drain normally.


Anything that irritates the sensitive mucous membranes can help bring about sinusitis or rhinitis. Examples of such irritation include: dust, pollen, harmful vapors, viruses or bacteria and excessively warm or cold air in buildings. People with allergys often suffer the same symptoms as those with sinusitis, because many of the allergies irritate the nasal sinuses first.

How can we help?

Manipulation of the spinal column improves the functioning of the immune system. As early as 1944, a famous Russian pathologist A.D. Speransky discovered that minor injuries to the spinal column increased the mortality rate in people with pneumonia. In addition, it would appear that Chiropractic has a positive effect on sinus-related and nasal problems. The relationship between the central nervous system and the immune system would appear to be closer than we may have first imagined

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