Those who suffer from sciatica will tell you that it leaves them in great discomfort. Usually it begins in the lower back, with a dull, and often constant pain which can become stabbing after movement. If the symptoms get worse, the pain can spread to the buttocks, and then continue via the thigh to the knee and even as far as the toes.


All the many causes of sciatica have just one thing in common: irritation of the sciatic nerve, which leads to inflammation. The result is pain. Sciatica can be suddenly brought on by an awkward lifting or twisting movement after strenuous exercise, a fall or an accident. It can also be come on over a period of time through constant strain on the lower back, a slipped disc in the lower back, arthritis in the lower back and pelvis, stress, lack of exercise, bad posture, obesity, bone disease, arthrosis, advanced diabetes or scoliosis.

How can we help?

On your first visit to the clinic, the chiropractor will give you an examination to establish whether chiropractic is the best form of treatment. The chiropractor specializes both in the diagnosis and treatment of sciatica. Our job is to help you optimize the movement of the spinal column and the functioning of the nervous system thereby eliminating the pain. We do this by applying measured mechanical impulses to the spinal column, the pelvis and adjoining regions. All this is carried out without the need for medicine or surgical intervention.

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