Menstruation problems, PMS and the menopause

Chiropractic may not offer specific treatments for gynecological problems, but it can provide real benefits for countless numbers of women who suffer from these problems. All organs in the body, including the female reproductive organs, require a healthy supply of nerve impulses. This supply of nerve impulses to the organs is transmitted via the spinal column from the brain. If there is a mechanical blockage in the spinal column, caused, for example, by stress or physical strain, this can in turn lead to excessive pressure being exerted on the nerves in the spinal column. The nerves can no longer function properly, causing possible illness and discomfort. This can lead to a deterioration in your general health and the health of your organs. Chiropractors are able to remove these obstructions, thus enabling your organs to work properly again.


A study has shown that more than 95% of 469 patients receiving chiropractic treatment noticed an improvement in their general gynaecological conditions, such as an alleviation of depression, hot flashes, back and joint problems, irritability, headaches and fatigue.

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