Fever as a healthy reaction

What is fever?

Firstly, we should realize that fever is not an illness which needs to be cured. A fever is the most powerful means of bodily resistance to infections. Our bodies raise our temperature deliberately. When temperatures exceed 37 degrees, a powerful and natural antibiotic called interferon is produced. Interferon is antiviral and antibiotic. As such, fever is a normal bodily condition. Fever is simply a way our bodies react to pathogens.

The body’s own medicines

The body produces its own chemicals which allow body temperature to rise or fall when required. It is able to create thousands of its own medicines, including antibiotic and antiviral components which help fight infections. Your body is the world”s biggest pharmacy and instead of fighting it, we should cooperate in order to promote healing. Chiropractic stimulates the body’s own immune reactions.

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