Earache or Otitis Media

How can we help you (or your child)?

Chiropractic offers one of the best treatments for your child if it neorshe suffers from an ear infection.

The most recent study has shown that a reduced drainage capacity or an obstructionĀ of the cervical (neck) lymph glands causes a reduction in the lymph fluids in the Eustachian tube. This in turn causes an increase of fluids in the middle ear, making it a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Poor drainage of fluids can be caused by a combination of different factors. The most important factors are an increasing level of cramp in the muscles, in combination with a much narrower drainage system.
Instead of treatment which targets the eradication of bacteria and viruses, it is also possible to choose a more natural approach, such as restoration of the normal drainage system in the ears and the lymph glands in the neck.

In the case of ear infections, Chiropractic treatment focuses on rectifying obstructions in the neck to restore normal functioning and the normal drainage of fluids. Once obstructions in the lymphatic system have been removed, the excess fluids in the ears will disappear. There will no longer be any breeding ground for bacteria and viruses and the infection will be cured.

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