Colds, flu and respiratory problems

Why do we get colds?

Breathing in the common cold virus doesn’t necessarily mean we will get a cold. If you want to catch a cold, you need more than just the cold virus. As an experiment, scientists placed incubated cold viruses in the mucous membrane of the noses of a group of people. The results were that only 12% of this group caught a cold. The conclusion is that pathogens can only develop if they have a fertile environment to spread.

The chiropractic approach

The chiropractor does not treat the cold, but helps you to build up natural resistance. Your natural resistance is the only reason why a cold disappears after a period. Chiropractic can help raise your level of natural resistance by removing serious interference, stress or irritation from your nervous system which impedes normal functioning of the body.

The obstructed nerves and the ensuing nerve irritations can place your immune system under stress. We will examine your back to see if we can identify any obstructions in your nervous system and if present, correct these. This reduces the pressure on the spinal column, thus enabling the body to function properly again and to develop raised levels of resistance. The natural resistance cannot be exceeded when it comes to combating the cold.

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