Healthy babies with Chiropractic

Regardless of age, chiropractic care can significantly contribute to the health of all individuals, including infants.

Birth trauma

Even in the case of an uncomplicated delivery, there is a chance that your baby will suffer a trauma. Spinal cord and brain damage can occur during delivery, but this has not widely been acknowledged. When the baby is being delivered, it becomes compressed as it passes through the birth canal and this can lead to the neck in particular undergoing mechanical stress. The nerves can become stretched or twisted which can lead to neurological abnormalities, thus affecting the general health of the child. Problems can arise, such as colic, torticollis (wryneck), growth disorders, etc.

By ensuring that your child has a healthy spinal column and nervous system, you will contribute significantly to your child”s overall health. Most parents will make sure their children go for regular check-ups for their eyes, ears and heart, so why not the spinal column as well?


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