Are you considering having a back operation?

The cause of backache

Nowadays, researchers agree that a damaged or irritable inter-vertebral disc is the most common cause of lower back ache. If the disc protrudes, we call this a slipped or prolapsed inter-vertebral disc. A disc which has suffered degeneration can cause damage to the nerves in the spinal column and contribute diminishing health in the spine, back and adjoining regions.

Unsuccessful back operations

Whilst surgical intervention can prove highly effective for some individuals who suffer from lower backache or sciatica, an operation for a slipped disc should be viewed as the very last option. There is a high risk of the operation not being successful. Ineffective back operations have become so common that this phenomenon has acquired its own medical name: Failed Back Surgery Syndrome.

The chiropractic record

Good movement of the discs, vertebrae and other structures in the spinal column is essential for healthy inter-vertebral discs. This is also the reason why Chiropractic has such a high success rate for individuals with inter-vertebral problems. The chiropractor often saves them from the torrid prospect of having to undergo an operation. A major survey looked into 1,455 cases of backache resulting from prolapsed inter-vertebral discs which had been solved through chiropractic care.

But can Chiropractic help once you’ve had the operation? The answer is yes, and it can also prevent further operations being necessary!

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