Whether we like it or not, ageing means that in time the motor system can do less and less. Muscles, joints, ligaments, etc. lose their strength and suppleness with the onset of age. What’s more, the nervous system will no longer respond as quickly. Ageing often goes hand in hand with arthrosis (wear and tear) and osteoporosis (decalcification of the bones). However, this does not always mean that a “worn” joint is always deficient. Chiropractic treatment aims to restore the movement of the spinal column and the proper functioning of the nervous system through a series of measured mechanical impulses, even if you suffer from arthrosis or osteoporosis. So you need not passively await degeneration of your spinal column or to live with this wear and tear, as so often is prescribed by medical professionals. The chiropractor”s task is to optimize functioning of the joint without intervention of either medication or the surgeon’s knife.

Chiropractic can be of service to all ages to make old age less painful. For elderly persons, it shouldn”t necessarily be assumed that the problem can be solved completely, but what we can do is realize a clear improvement in the conditions.

Common problems and the role of the chiropractor

Osteoarthrosis of the hip is an extremely common problem amongst the elderly. In the present day hip operations can solve a lot of problems. However, chiropractic before and after the operation can pay an important role in alleviating the pain and helping the hip joints to function properly
Osteoarthrosis of the neck, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae can cause headaches, dizziness, facial pain, chest pains, backache and sciatica. The chiropractor may not be able to reverse the wear and tear, but he or she can alleviate the pain to a significant degree
Sagging vertebrae: osteoporosis (decalcification of the skeleton) is a normal occurrence in the ageing process. The chiropractor can do nothing to reverse this process, but he or she can reduce the pain around the decalcified vertebrae by a series of measured techniques.
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