Are chiropractors bonesetters?

Definitely not!
In 1985, when the first bona fide chiropractors came to work in Limburg, there were a lot of “bonesetters” working in the region. They had little or no training in this discipline. Some had followed very short training in Germany, at an unautherised organisation.There were even those who had no training at all. Almost all of them claimed that they were performing chiropractic. Some of them were medical doctors or physiotherapists.
Some of them are still activ. Because chiropractic does not have a protected status, these bogus doctors can’t be prosecuted, so it is all very misleading for the public.

These bonesetters who has “trained” in Germany even receives a certificate with the name Chiropraxie on it. However, they have no international recognition, and are poor imitators with minimum training in manipulation. Note how they write chiropractic with an X. These are often doctors who claim that they do the same work. Those who manipulate joints without having followed the proper training are “cracksmen”. Stay well away from them, for you own safety.

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