Chiropractic in Switserland, mainstream health care

In 1939 the Canton of Zurich in Switzerland became the first jurisdiction outside North America to pass legislation to recognize and regulate the practice of chiropractic. Switzerland was the first country in Europe to both regulate and provide public funding for chiropractic services.

Most of the ASC’s 260 member received their chiropractic training in North America, but there will be future change with the opening of the new chiropractic school being planned at the University of Zurich, with a program similar to that at the University of Southern Denmark. In Switzerland Chiropractic is now viewed by government authorities and the health care system as a mainstream health care service – a current major reorganization of federal legislation lists five core health professions: chiropractic, dentistry, medicine, pharmacy and psychology.

* The Chiropractic Report, May 2007.

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